Swift PRO Cam

Небольшая система измерения видео

  • Диапазон измерения до 200 мм х 100 мм
  • Быстрое и точное измерение с обнаружением края видео
  • Маленький след

Compact Video Measuring System

Swift PRO Cam is one of the most intuitive, easy to use video measurement systems available. With its HD video camera and up to 200mm x 100mm measurement capacity, Swift PRO Cam provides fast and accurate measurement of both routine and complex precision component parts.


Simple, compact, accurate

With simplicity at its core the Swift PRO Cam can be used by shift workers or advanced users alike, simplifying work steps, reducing operator error, while minimising training requirements.

The measurement software coupled with a high resolution video camera enables Swift PRO Cam to measure a wide variety of simple and complex features, quickly and simply.

An array of video edge detection tools ensures accurate, repeatable results, no matter how many operators use the system.

Measuring stage calibration, with NLEC

Swift PRO Cam includes Vision Engineering’s proven 200mm x 100mm precision measuring stage. The stage comes complete with factory-set Non-Linear Error Correction (NLEC) calibration to ensure optimum accuracy, traceable to international standards for the purposes of ISO9000.

Range of applications

Customers around the world use Swift for a wide range of non-contact measurement applications, including:

  • Electronic PCBs
  • Plastic parts (e.g. connectors, tubing, moulding)
  • Medical devices (e.g. tooling, coatings, implants)
  • Machined parts for aerospace, automotive and military use
  • General precision engineering

…plus many more applications.

Upgrade your performance

Swift PRO Cam is the perfect starting point to upgrade your measurement capabilities and improve your quality control routines.

With space at a premium, Swift PRO Cam doesn’t take up much room, yet can make a big difference to your production quality. Rugged in construction, the unit has been designed to cope with the demands of a busy production environment.


Swift PRO Cam comes with a choice of industry leading M-series metrology software or robust QC 3000 microprocessor.

M-series measuring software

Renowned M-series software carries out basic to advanced measurement applications with ease and with minimal training. Intuitive user interface would appeal to a wide user base, ranging from machine operators on the shop floor to metrologists in the QC lab.

  • Intuitive PC-based metrology software enabling viewing on large monitors
  • Quick profile and surface measurement without pre-programming
  • Programmable light control
  • Easy reporting
  • CAD like Part View mark-up for easy inspection of the measured data
  • DXF import/export
  • Thread and wire measurement options
  • Multiple video tools, from cross hair to full video edge detection

QC 3000 microprocessor

Thanks to its sleek but robust industrial design, the QC 3000 is ideal for applications in a harsh production environment to measure 2D geometric features quickly and easily.

The flat aluminium housing with integrated power pack and fan less passive cooling is extremely sturdy and tolerant to negative influences.

The 12.1” touchscreen of specially hardened glass supports multi-touch gesture control and can be operated with gloves.


  • Shortcut icons for measurement of common geometric features (e.g. point, line, circle, slot and rectangle)
  • Video edge detection (VED) provides multiple tools for edge detection and selection of points for measurement
  • Measure the points manually or automatically
  • Easily create reports generated immediately after measurement
  • Robust IP65 splash proof touch screen panel, ideal for the shop floor


To discuss your particular requirements in further detail, please contact your local Vision Engineering representative.

Measuring Stage

  • Precision measuring stage, with factory-set Non-Linear Error Correction (NLEC) calibration as standard
  • Stage accuracy 5μm

Measuring Range

(X, Y)

  • 200mm x 100mm (10kg maximum load)*
  • 150mm x 100mm measuring stage also available.

  • 98mm (for 3 axis variant only)

Height adjustment

100mm of height adjustment

Encoder Resolution

X = 1µm

Y = 1µm

Z=1µm (3-axis variant only)


Patented twin pupil monoscopic, infinity corrected optical system, with pre-centred crossline graticule to both eyes.

  • Option of custom designed graticule, pre-centred to one eye

Magnification Options

  • Quick change magnification options – 10x, 20x, 50x, 100x


Substage and surface illumination provides the ability to measure in both profile and surface.

  • Illumination options enable adjustment of lighting to suit any application
  • Cool, corrected colour temperature LED surface illumination
  • LED Quadrant Surface Illumination
  • Illumination Control via Software
  • Substage iris control


  • A = 450mm
  • B = 430mm (stage: 150mm x100mm)
  • B = 510mm (stage: 200mm x100mm)
  • C = 480mm


Ergonimic 'Eyepiece-less"


Image Capture



Low (20x max)

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