Falcon CNC

Автоматизированная машина для измерения зрения

  • Диапазон измерения до 150 x 150 мм
  • Прецизионная система высокого качества/li>
  • Б ольшой выбор конфигураций и дополнительных аксессуаров

Automated Vision Measuring Machine

Vision Engineering’s Falcon CNC incorporates over 50 years of proven optical experience in a powerful 3-axis non-contact video measuring machine.

Falcon CNC non-contact video inspection system provides fast and accurate measurement of both routine and complex precision parts, suitable for shop-floor and manufacturing inspection applications.

Falcon CNC metrology system is a highly repeatable machine, which allows you to get it right first time, every time. It has a range of system configurations and options to suit numerous applications.


Small footprint, big impact

Companies across the globe choose Falcon video measuring systems to help improve production quality, reduce costs, and improve productivity.

High resolution optics, a precision measuring stage and industry-leading software make Falcon the ideal solution for measuring small, intricate parts, quickly and accurately.

With space at a premium, Falcon CNC doesn’t take up much room, yet can make a big difference to your quality.

Fast, accurate, simple

Simplicity is the key. Speed and accuracy is of no use if a system is difficult to use.

From single-feature measurement to multi-point video edge detection, Falcon CNC delivers simple, accurate results in 3-axis for a wide range of precision measuring applications.

Touch probe option

A touch probe option provides non-contact and contact measurement in a single system, allowing fast and repeatable measurements in the Z-axis.

  • Renishaw PH6 module with TP20 touch probe
  • Fast and accurate height measurement
  • 3µm Z-axis repeatability

Wide range of applications

Customers around the world use Falcon CNC for a wide range of non-contact measurement applications, including:

  • plastic parts (e.g. connectors, tubing, moulding)
  • medical device implants (e.g. stents, hearing aids)
  • machined parts for aerospace, automotive and military use
  • general precision engineering
  • watchmaking
  • plus many more applications

The Falcon CNC offers the advantage of increasing throughput without compromise.

Advanced features as standard

As standard, Falcon includes both camera and substage iris aperture control, fully automated CNC Z-axis control, controllable quadrant LED illumination, and both high and low magnification lens options.

Quality & design

Vision Engineering’s non-contact measurement systems represent the very best in industry-proven solutions and leading-edge technologies.

Precision manufactured in the EU, it has been designed to cope with the demands of a busy production environment.

All controls feature a soft-touch silicone finish, ergonomically positioned to reduce hand and body movement and resulting fatigue.


Featuring touch2measure technology

Falcon CNC features ‘next generation’ multi-touch measurement software, featuring ‘touch-to-measure’ technology, making Falcon CNC exceptionally intuitive, easy to operate and easy to learn.

‘Touch-to-measure’ means that in addition to conventional mouse control, you can ‘pinch’ to zoom, ‘swipe’ to pan across an image and ‘touch’ to take a measurement.

You can even trace your finger around a complex shape to ‘see’ the feature.

Icon-based touch-screen control provides users with smartphone familiarity, with a Windows 7-based operating system allows for simple integration with applications such as Microsoft Excel (not included), or connection to network printers etc.

With simplicity at its core, ‘touch-to-measure’ software can be used by shift workers or advanced users alike, simplifying work steps, reducing operator errors, while minimising training requirements.

Software options for Falcon CNC measuring machine

M3 ‘touch to measure’ metrology software

  • Simple yet powerful feature measurement
  • Touch screen operation
  • No multiple menu software options to distract the operator
  • CAD-like Part View mark-up for easy inspection of the measured data
  • Multiple video tools to match the job in hand, from cross hair to full video edge detection
  • Direct compare option to allow simple CAD import of overlay drawings to check those complex geometric parts for a simple Go/No Go decision

IK 5300 (formerly QC-5000) advanced metrology software for the power users who require advanced software features such as:

  • Custom formulas, conditional programming
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC) or RUNS databases (for long-term tracking of component performance)
  • Full profiling feature including ‘auto-tracing (Worming)’ operation on CNC systems
  • 3D feature measurement like, cones and planes.

Vision Engineering offers multiple layers of software as needed by each application. Speak to our experts to get advice to solve your application requirements.


To discuss your particular requirements in further detail, please contact your local Vision Engineering representative.

Measurement Uncertainty


  • 150mm x 150mm CNC measuring stage
  • Uncertainty formula U952D = 4+(5.5L/1000)µm, where L = length in mm, using controlled conditions.



  • Z-axis accuracy 10µm, using highest available magnification under controlled conditions.
  • Z-axis accuracy 3µm, using touch probe

Video camera

  • 3MP colour CMOS camera with 5-position indexed zoom (5:1 ratio) and iris aperture control
  • Camera Iris-5-position indexed camera iris allowing increased Z-axis accuracy and enhanced component edge definition.
  • Zoom Indexing– Repeatable 5-position indexed zoom

Zoom Magnification Range

Magnification range 10x – 50x 20x – 100x
Maximum field of view 13.5mm 6.75mm
Minimum field of view 2.7mm 1.35mm
Working distance 91mm 61mm

Measuring Stage

Precision measuring stage, with factory-set Non-Linear Error Correction (NLEC) calibration as standard.

  • 150mm x 150mm CNC

Encoder Resolution

  • X = 1µm
  • Y = 1µm
  • Z = 1µm


  • Quadrant controllable surface illumination provided by 20 x high intensity LEDs
  • Controllable substage illumination provided by 1 x high intensity LED


A = 415mm (150mm x 150mm CNC stage)

B = 535mm (150mm x 150mm CNC stage)

C = 530mm max.

D = 115mm max. capacity (150mm x 150mm CNC stage)


  • 25kg


  • IK5300 metrology software
  • M3 metrology software (CNC version, H-152)


  • Touch probe (extends Falcon CNC to provide contact measuring, when used with IK5300 software only)
  • Footswitch (option for hands-free entry)
  • Substage colour filter (to enhance definition of profiled or turned parts)