Система технического контроля

  • Быстрый контроль крупных и сложных деталей
  • Диапазон увеличения от 3,7x до 300x
  • Совместимость с уникальной системой просмотра с поворотом на 360o

Inspection Workstation for large components

The new EVOTIS is an advanced inspection workstation for large area subjects such as PCB’s and multi-layer components and has been designed for anyone who requires a quick, efficient inspection of fine detail.

EVOTIS can be configured with either the Lynx EVO stereo microscope or EVO Cam digital microscopes and has access to an array of inspection tools including 360° rotating viewer, wide range of objectives, high resolution camera modules and reticles.

The system comprises of two stable high capacity stages to suit with an independently lockable X-Y axis to allowing methodical inspection scanning along rows of features.

EVOTIS inspection system builds on the previous Lynx VS8 which has been used in tens of thousands of PCB manufacturing sites worldwide and provides optimum ergonomics to reduce fatigue, increase operator accuracy and reduce scrap.


EVOTIS is an eyepieceless stereo inspection microscope for specialist Printed Circuit Board (PCB) inspection and is ideal for all electronics applications including fine pitch, surface mount, TAB and Ball Grid Array (BGA) technology.

EVOTIS with Lynx EVO

  • Ergonomic eyepiece-less stereo 3D view
  • 3.7x to 180x magnification
  • Compatible with Lynx EVO objective lenses & accessories

The eyepieceless optics of Lynx significantly increase head freedom and eye relief, reducing operator stress and fatigue over long periods of time.


  • Large field of view system
  • 5x to 300x magnification
  • Compatible with EVO Cam objective lenses & accessories


360°Rotating Viewer

Switchable between rotating and direct views the viewer allows fast all round inspection.The 360° Rotating Viewer allows the operator to view a subject from an angle of 34° from vertical, which can be rotated through to 360° enabling a better stereo view of 3-dimensional subjects including PCB solder joints, holes, pillars and threaded forms.

Scanning Stage

Stable, high capacity scanning stage provides free-floating movement for all sizes of board, including double-sided PCBs. Stage can be locked for precision inspection tasks (X-axis, Y-axis, or both) and is complete with earthing point for static-safe inspection.


To discuss your particular requirements in further detail, please contact your local Vision Engineering representative.

Key features – EVOTIS with Lynx EVO stereo microscope

  • Eyepiece-less stereor viwer (3D)
  • 3.7x – 180x magnification
  • 360° rotating viewer
  • 25° tilting wedge
  • Compatible with Lynx EVO objectives and accessories
  • Image capture with SmartCam/SmartCam5 integrated cameras
  • Accessories
    • SmartCam/SmartCam5
    • Multipiers 1.5x and 2.0x
    • 0.62x ,1.0x,1.5x objectives

More Specifications of Lynx EVO

Key features – EVOTIS with EVO Cam digital microscope

  • Large zoom range camera
  • 5.5x – 300x magnification
  • 360° rotating viewer
  • 25° tilting wedge
  • Compatible with EVO Cam objectives and accessories
  • Stand alone or PC connection
  • Accessories
    • 0.62x and 1.0x objectives
    • Polarising filters
    • White/UV quadrant ring light
    • External keypad

Maximum Component Height by Objective

Maximum Component Height by Objective
Objective Maximum component height
EVO Cam 0.62x 24mm
EVO Cam  0.62x  (New) 37mm
EVO Cam 360° Rotating viewer 39mm
EVO Cam 1.0x 74mm
Lynx EVO 0.62x 47mm
Lynx EVO 360° Rotating viewer 84mm
Lynx EVO 1.0x 98mm
Lynx EVO 1.52x 106mm


  • Optional 28mm “stand off” kit
  • Available with compact, standard and large bases:
    • Compact: 646mm x668mm
    • Standard: 806mm x 743mm
    • Large: 1108mm x 905mm
  • Base board with ESD coating and earthing point