Ручная цифровая лупа

Camβ digital magnifier, has been designed especially for applications where viewing, image capture, reporting and documentation is needed. Magnify, inspect and capture images where you want, when you want.

  • Увеличение до 20х
  • Светодиодная подсветка
  • Хранить до 20 000 изображений

Handheld digital magnifier

Camβ (Cam Beta) digital inspection magnifier is ideal for roaming inspectors, documenting faults, or for inspecting immobile subjects. With a high resolution colour display, easy button operation, simple image capture and download, you can inspect & capture quickly and simply.

It can be used in hard to reach areas, such as high up inside large machines as well as remote locations to access wild flowers and insects. This portable electronic magnifier can also be easily stored and transported for access when needed. Making it extremely suitable for production environments.



Why Camβ is better than your smartphone

Unlike a digital camera, Camβ’s 4 LED illumination is optimised for magnified imaging, so you can see the subject clearly and evenly illuminated.

To facilitate viewing objects where reflections may be an issue, the lighting can be cycled through four settings. The brightness of the LED’s can also be adjusted to optimise viewing.


  • Optics optimised for close working
  • Illumination configured for close working
  • Image security (no connection to Wifi)
  • Live HDMI TV-out
  • Secure grip for left and right hand use

Stability Leg

The Camβ is provided with a flip out leg to aid stability at high magnification which is located around the lens on the underside. Simply flip it out fully to help maintain the ideal distance from the item you are viewing. Click it back in place when not in use.

Industrial and production applications

Camβ portal digital magnifier is great for documenting faults and inspection of immobile subjects. It is very useful when inspecting electronics, such as cable connections within broadband cabinets.

Camβ is well suited in production environments. It is handy for inspection subjects in dark or hard to reach areas. Also ideal in secure environments where company’s policy disallows the use of mobile phones. Simple operation allows for quick parts documentation and /or training and quality assurance.

Medial related applications

From inspection of sterilised medical equipment to medical devices, Camβ offers a convenient way of meeting critical inspection and documentation requirements.

Dental prosthetics need to be tailored for each individual person and often requires inspection and image documentation for quality purposes. Other dental uses include smile evaluation for cosmetic dental consultation.

Typical applications include automotive, aviation, watchmaking, general manufacturing as well as a low vision magnification aid.

Inspect where you want, when you want……


To discuss your particular requirements in further detail, please contact your local Vision Engineering representative.

Display 4.3″
View modes
  • Full colour
  • Black & white
  • Inverted black & white
  • Grey scale
Magnification 4x, 8x, 16x and 20x
  • 4 x LED, optimised for magnified imaging.
  • 4 Level settings: 100%, 75%, 50%, 25%
Dimension grids
  • Yes, fixed 1mmgrid lines
  • Simple X,Y on-screen dimensioning
  • Virtual caliper
Measurement Yes (inch/mm)
Image capture resolution 1280 x 720, JPEG
Video out Mini-HDMI TV-out
  • Micro USB connection for image download and charging
  • Mini-HDMI for monitor
Battery Lithium ion, 6 hour continuous operation time
Dimensions L: 11.14″ (283mm) x H: 3.46″ (88mm) x D: 0.86″ (22mm)
Weight 205g
Number of stored images 20,000
Internal memory 4 GB
Kit contents Camβ, soft case, USB cable, mini-HDMI-HDMI cable, TV out cable, Lanyard, cleaning cloth, user guide